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Location: Kenya
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Itinerary type: Mountain Climbing

Destination: Kenya

Itinerary Summary

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Sirimon Park Gate. Travel Distance: 235km
Travel Time: 4hrs

From Sirimon Park Gate (2,650m) to Old Moses (3,350m)
Hiking time: 3 to 4 hours
Hiking distance: Approx. 7km
Altitude gained: 700m

0730hrs Depart from Nairobi to Sirimon Park Gate on the Sirimon route. The Sirimon route is located on the northern side of the mountain. This side of the mountain receives a lower amount of rainfall compared to the rest of the mountain, making the Sirimon route drier than the other routes.

The drive from Nairobi takes you to the western foothills of the mountain, passing the equator just before reaching the town of Nanyuki. From Nanyuki, going further up north for about 15km, a turn off onto a dirt track leads to the Park gate. The drive on the dirt track takes about 45 minutes, arriving at the Sirimon Park gate at about 1200hrs.

You will be with your guides and porters from this point. After all the formalities at the Sirimon gate, you begin the hike to Old Moses. The dirt road passes through thick forest, preventing a clear view of the peaks, finally passing through heath land, where the peaks become visible. As you draw closer to Old Moses, you will feel the thin air and a fall in temperature. The approximate time of arrival at Old Moses will be late evening hours. Our cook will have prepared a light meal by the time you get to Old Moses. Overnight will be here.


Shipton’s Camp. Hiking summary
From Old Moses (3,350m) to Shipton’s Camp(4,240m)
Hiking time: 6 to 8 hours
Hiking distance: Approx. 13km
Altitude gained: 890m

Very early morning breakfast on this day. On a clear day, the peaks will be visible from Old Moses, and you have a chance to enjoy the warmth of the first rays of the tropical sun at this altitude while you sip some hot tea.
You begin hiking at around 0730hrs from Old Moses. The first hour takes you through a steep track before turning off to the right, walking towards the Ontulili River. The trek then leads over a gentle ridge, before descending steeply to the Liki North River.

A steep climb out of the valley follows, as you reach the ridge overlooking Mackinder Valley, in which runs the Liki River. After approximately 40 minutes walking down the valley, you come across a small overhang in the rocks that provides you with a sense of shelter from the chilly winds on the mountain. A quick snack of sandwiches will be served here.
From here, the hike contours along the valley, gently rising in altitude for a hiking time period of about 2 to 3 hrs. The final approach to Shipton’s camp ascends two ridges, and you should arrive at Shipton’s between 1500hrs and 1530hrs. Our cook will serve tea or cocoa and biscuits on arrival. After some rest and relaxation, an early dinner will be served after which you can retire for the night.


Shipton’s Camp. This day is spent acclimatizing at Shipton’s Camp, enjoying the scenery of the massive peaks of the mountain. Weather permitting, a short morning walk with the guide may be done to the Lower Simba Tarn, about 45 minutes away returning to Shipton’s by lunch time where our cook will have prepared sandwiches. Dinner will be early, allowing you to retire to bed by 1930hrs. We recommend a good night’s rest on this day.


Old Moses. From Shipton’s (4,240m) to Point Lenana (4,985m)
Hiking time: Approx. 4 hours
Hiking distance: Approx. 5km
Altitude gained: 745m

From Point Lenana (4,985m) back to Shipton’s (4,240m)
Hiking time: 2 hours
Hiking distance: Approx. 5km

From Shipton’s (4,240m) to Old Moses (3,350m)
Hiking time: 6 to 8 hours
Hiking distance: Approx. 13km

This will be the most demanding day on the mountain. A very early morning attempt to Point Lenana begins at 0230hrs. The day finally comes to an end when you arrive back down the mountain at around 1800hrs, to Old Moses, after almost 16 hours from the time you awoke.
The day starts early at 0230hrs. After a hot cup of cocoa, you will begin the steep ascend to Point Lenana, the third highest peak on the mountain. Depending on the weather condition, the guide will make the decision on what route to follow. Two options are available. One is the Chameleons back, informally named so because it resembles the shape of a chameleons back, and the other is the route which passes via Simba Col. Both hikes involve steep screes which may be icy.

The trek takes about 4 hours to the summit. You will reach Point Lenana just in time to witness the wonderful sunrise, as you look down at all the tropical ice that makes up the glaciers of the mountain. What a spectacular sight – snow in the heart of the African tropics, so close to the Equator with a African sunrise rich in its warm colors. A note of caution – if the weather condition deteriorates, the ascend to the peak will be called off. This decision will be left to our guide.

After spending some time enjoying the beauty of the mountain from the summit, the second section of the hike involves trekking back to Shipton’s. Departing Point Lenana at approximately 0700hrs, you should arrive at Shipton’s after approximately 2 hours. Our cook will have breakfast ready for you. After breakfast, the third section of the hike begins, which leads all the way down to Old Moses. Leaving Shipton’s in the late morning hours, you will arrive at Old Moses in the early evening hours. Dinner will be ready and you should be able to retire to bed early.


Nairobi. From Old Moses (3,350m) to Sirimon Park Gate (2,650m)
Hiking time: 2 to 3 hours
Hiking distance: Approx. 7km
Travel Distance: 235km
Travel Time: 4hrs
Breakfast at 0800hrs, you can then take in the warmth of the morning sun at Old Moses before beginning the descend to the Sirimon Park Gate in the late morning. The downhill hike is a pleasant walk as you trek along the dirt road that passes through the thick forest, not to mention the abundance of oxygen present in the air at the lower altitudes! Arrive at the Park gate in the early afternoon hours. Your transport back to Nairobi will be waiting here.

Equipment List for Mountain Climbing
The following is a list of equipment you will need to comfortably climb the mountain.

  • Good back pack. To keep the pack fully waterproof it is advisable to insert a large polythene bag into the pack before packing all the personal gear.
  • Good waterproof mountain shoes and extra pair of trainers
  • Warm sleeping bag.
  • Rain gear (both top and bottom)
  • Gaiters.
  • Three warm woolen sweaters
  • Thermals
  • Three pairs of woolen socks
  • Two warm trousers
  • Toiletries
  • Sunglasses
  • Extra pair of hiking wear
  • Woolen gloves
  • Warm hat
  • First aid kit. Should include painkillers, treatment for blisters, antiseptics and bandages.
  • Flash light.
  • Trail food (sweets & Chocolates)
  • Water bottle (2litres)